ITS Iskratel is committed continuously to increase its customers' satisfaction. The mission of ITS Iskratel Service Center is always to meet the customer expectations and therefore we:

  • put considerable effort into cutting the customer costs of the product maintenance,
  • help, educate and work together with customers to become independent when it comes to using and maintaining systems and equipment bought from ITS Iskratel,
  • offer and maintain high level of reliability and availability of our sold products while providing optimal use of functionalities and material resources,
  • ensure short reaction times when it comes to answering the questions that we receive from our customers,
  • maintain and enhance long lasting partnership with all the customers of ITS Iskratel.

The services of ITS Iskratel include:

  • professional consultancy in the telecommunications area,
  • planning and designing of networks,
  • building of telecommunication networks,
  • system maintenance and technical support to customers,
  • customer training.

Our Service Center is organized as an autonomous and compact team of highly educated and motivated professionals, always ready to work on diverse project types and deliver on time complete solutions to the customers.

The only way to ensure that the service can achieve the goals is by using everywhere the same methods when providing the quality expected by the customer. The goals set for any product, solution or telecommunication system are achieved by ITS Iskratel with the help of our partners and our customers.


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