Dispatcher systems consist of several modules that provide services at multiple levels in a dispatch center and in the field of public safety. These services include call input, call dispatching, call status maintenance, event notes, field unit status and tracking, and call resolution and disposition. CAD systems also include interfaces that permit the software to provide services to dispatchers, calltakers, and field personnel with respect to control and use of analog radio and telephony equipment, as well as logger-recorder functions.

Definition of Dispatch Communications

  • Management and control of technological processes that occur at remote locations
  • Dispatch Communications - Communications between the two points
  • Various types of connections (fixed, radio, ...)
  • Different types of interfaces
  • Connections are established on a communication network
  • Security


  • Optical / sound indication of events
  • Incoming / outgoing calls
  • Transit Connections
  • Call intrusion
    • with release
    • with interception
  • Several calls - handling between connections
  • Call pick up
  • Conference calls (up to 8 abonents)
  • Remote response
  • Recording
  • Various telephone directories and call lists

Dispatcher as CTI device

  • control and monitoring with SOS alarms through the window,
  • control up to 8 simultaneous calls,
  • random order call answer,
  • large number of direct dial keys with functions SLSD and trunk status display ,
  • full control of the state of local ports and chanells,
  • control of transferred calls,
  • several different telephone directories,
  • lists of outgoing, incoming and missed calls,
  • analog output for recording conversations,
  • 15''touchscreen,
  • central LDAP directory

Concept of IP dispatcher

  • «Transferred»functionalities to IP dispatcher platform
  • Conservation of all functionalities (from GUI to billing specifics and registration)
  • Equipped with:
    • specialized terminals with touch screens, equipped with a classic handsets and headsets, as well as DECT or BlueTooth.
    • or business level IP phones
  • Additional functionalities:
    • Unified Communications OCS,
    • recording,
    • central WEB directory and notification.

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