The PrimeCare + solution presents a revolutionary way of delivering entertainment, communication and information services such as: TV, Movies on Demand, Games on Demand, Telephony, Internet, Educational content, Patient Surveys into your patient’s room.

Simple access to the wide range of services via a touch screen at bedside and patient-friendly graphic interface ensures that the solution can be easily used by all patients.

By enabling patient access to different multimedia services Iskratel PrimeCare + makes the patient feel less stressed, and more satisfied and comfortable, and leads to faster patient recovery. Being able to communicate with the family members, friends, and others online at any time is a speciall privilege to the patients. The usual feeling of being alone and bored is minimized.

PrimeCare + provides the best-of-the kind medical assistance for the patient by providing medical staff with all the relevant and up-to-date patient-related information on bedside. This enables medical staff to react fast, correctly and above all, it increases patient safety and more personalized patient/doctor relationship.

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