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Today’s business climate is highly demanding. Organizations like yours face numerous hurdles, including:

  • Increasing economic and competitive pressures
  • Customer demands for better service
  • Need for governance and accountability
  • Financial stakeholder mandates for cost reductions

Process improvement holds the key to competitive advantage for organizations and institutions worldwide. BPM software en­ables fast and effective process improvement by creating an agile organization that can:

  • Respond faster and with greater accuracy to customer demands and opportunities
  • Accelerate speed to market with new products and services
  • Streamline new account on-boarding
  • Enhance integrity and timeliness of customer information
  • Respond to changes in business operations, policies, and regulations rapidly
  • Enhance risk management capabilities through process consistency and real-time information
  • Meet compliance mandates through streamlined processes, audit trails and detailed reporting

BPM Creates Value
BPM not only improves profitability, but it actually helps create competitive advantage for companies. How? By using BPM suite technology, an organization can rapidly develop and deploy composite process applications to solve business problems. BPM organization is not just better positioned to address current business challenges; it's better prepared to take advantage of future business opportunities.

Features of BPM
Leading BPM suites deliver a variety of process, knowledge, and analytics capabilities in a unified package. Process management technology allows an organization to streamline its operations by automating, executing, and monitoring business processes from beginning to end. Knowledge management and collaborative tools enable it to leverage information by managing its documents and content and facilitating employee interaction in collaborative, knowledge-based communities. Integrated analytics help increase visibility by delivering extensive reports on key business operations and process execution to managers.

Benefits of BPM
After developing and deploying composite process applications using a BPM suite, an organization is better equipped to respond to business change. In the short term, BPM helps companies improve profitability by decreasing costs and increasing revenues. In the long run, BPM helps create competitive advantage by improving organizational agility.

  • Decreased Costs
  • Increased Revenue
  • Improved Agility


We can help you be successful in every phase 
of your enterprise BPM program. 
Our services, solu­tions and award-winning 
BPM Suite allow you to use process as a 
competitive differentiator, shorten 
decision-making time cycles and hit Key 
Performance Indicators (KPIs).
How do you achieve process improvement 
with a minimum of set-backs and 
implementation surprises? 
It’s easiest with a trusted, certified and 
experienced partner who understands the 
dynamics of your particular industry.
 One Complete Suite – Unlimited Potential

One Complete Suite – Unlimited Potential in PDF:



“Appian leads the pack with the best overall combination of modeling, design and development…”

Available through web and mobile interfaces, the Appian BPM Suite is the easiest way to improve process management and drive process improvement and participation across employees, customers and systems.

Cloud BPM
BPM-as-a-service will lower barriers to getting started with BPM suites. Startup costs for implementing BPM suites can put these tools out of reach for some process owners that don’t already have budget and executive support for launching their process initiative.





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