As people become more prosperous, road traffic continues to grow in nearly every major city in the world, causing longer journey times and growing pollution. Managing these problems is a major challenge for transport authorities, who are increasingly turning to new technology for the answer.

Intelligent highways are being implemented in major cities to address the long-term problems of increased traffic growth. Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) refers to information and communication technology that are used to address the major traffic management tasks, including traffic planning and control, traffic flow optimization and parking management. These technologies include video systems, loop detectors, dynamic motorway monitoring and control systems, variable message signs, LED-based lane lights and mobile toll and fare pay systems.

One of the most important safety devices in tunnels is the ventilation system. In the more polluted tunnel environment it is difficult to avoid false alarms and therefore a linear fiber system for heat detection is more suitable. A robust and resilient safety system is thus an important factor to keep the system operational whatever events occur.

Dynamic traffic monitoring and control systems, emergency roadside call systems, weather data logging, parking guidance and mobile pay systems, intelligent car applications, tunnel systems, ventilation and electronic toll systems - such technologies are ultimately reliant on a communications backbone. ITS ISKRATEL provides solution for mobile and fixed communications, voice and data transmission, to integrate all these separate technologies into a complete communications and control system.

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