All progressive organizations are moving to IP-PBXs for the obvious benefits of flexibility, productivity, integration and cost. While migrating to IP Telephony, it is extremely important to remember two important requirements – Mobility and Connectivity. An IP-PBX without these two functions is like a new-generation car without wheels and navigation.

ITS Iskratel offers complete range of IP-PBXs suitable for any modern business or enterprise. These IP-PBXs offer extensive integrated functions and features to meet any demanding application. They are all-in-one IP-PBX solutions with Registrar, Proxy, Voice Mail, Presence and IM Servers.

Efficient call management, wide range of features and reliable performance is the forte of Matrix PBX family. These PBXs offer interfaces such as FXS, FXO, E&M, Magneto, ISDN BRI, ISDN T1/E1/PRI, GSM/3G, IP trunks and IP extensions. They come in different configuration and foot-prints that exactly tailors to the needs of SOHO, small and medium businesses, large enterprises, hotels and hospitals, electricity utilities, call centers, housing complexes and service providers.



ITS Iskratel offers a wide range of versatile PBXs for Small Offices and Homes (SOHO) with a host of powerful and built-in features. User can choose from nearly 11 different models, offering trunks and extensions in varied configurations ranging from a single trunk line to as many as 6 trunks and select from 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, 12 and 16 extension options that offers great flexibility and exactly tailors to the requirements of small and home offices, shops, restaurants, showrooms and residences.


Range of Pure and Hybrid IP-PBXs that offer interfaces to nearly all legacy and wireless networks, designed to meet enterprise applications and offer solution for organizations up to 999 IP-Users.

An Enterprise PBX should have the capabilities to scale with and deliver truly to the enterprise needs. It should offer enhanced features boosting the overall productivity. The higher and diverse communication needs require an enterprise PBX to offer connectivity to all existing as well as new generation networks. Also, emerging is the trend to deliver office desk phone functionalities and capabilities to a user’s mobile phone, extending user mobility beyond the corporate premise. Besides data services even voice communication is migrating towards IP, offering globally portable extensions and advanced IP functionalities.

Our products are designed to offer features, functionalities, capacity and connectivity requirements of medium to large enterprises. Our products offers connectivity to traditional networks such as PSTN, E&M, Magneto, ISDN BRI and T1/E1/PRI, wireless networks such as GSM and 3G and new-generation networks such as VoIP including IP trunks and extensions. Varied user terminals like digital phones, operator consoles, soft-phones and ISDN phones can be used with any IP-PBX. Key features like Multi-Party Conference, Auto-Attendant, Digital Input Port, Digital Output Port, Analog Input Port, Analog Output Port, Remote Programming, and SMDR (CDR) with a large buffer capacity etc. are built into the system. Our products provides true mobility to its users by allowing them to use their mobile phones as PBX extensions and access PBX functionalities with ease.

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