Telephone conversations, written communications, fax and e-mail messages are the modes used by companies trying to establish direct and permanent contacts with their customers. Of all the above-mentioned communication options, the telephone conversation is certainly the most personal and direct. Because it is both immediate and concise, such a call must be well prepared. Today, the development of computer-supported telephony allows us to select the most suitable way of exploiting all the advantages of a telephone, especially during the first contact with a customer. Companies are thus guaranteed much higher sales volumes and profits than ever before.

The Call Center software provides for the automatic processing and distribution of calls, voice and fax messages and data. It is based on the CTI/IP (Computer Telephony Integration IP-technology) that uses all the resources of the computer networks of today and their integration with new telecommunications technologies.

The Call Center software is adapted to operate in the MS Windows XP or Vista environments and provides the following:

  • The organization of incoming and outgoing phone-call actions.
  • The automatic distribution of incoming calls (ACD) between agents according to previously defined algorithms or based on an interactive voice response (IVR).
  • The preliminary selection of outgoing-actions telephone numbers in order to shorten the time an agent has to wait for a new call.
  • The collection of call statistics (the number of calls by workstation, the number of successful and failed call attempts, the average call time).
  • The collection of statistics relating to an agent’s performance.

 On the basis of the telephone number, the agent's screen displays all the data about a particular customer that is saved in the database. The screen then displays the scenario of the telephone conversation and the screen mask for the call-data input. Screen masks and scenarios are linked to the call actions. In addition to the obtained data, the agents can enter remarks about customers and agreed times for future calls.

 The advantages of the Call Center:

  • The computer autonomously chooses the phone numbers from the call database or predefined phone number database, shortens the calling time by up to 40% and limits the number of ”empty“ calls.
  • The outgoing and incoming calls are automatically divided among predefined agents.
  • Each workstation can process telephone calls, as well as record calls, faxes and e-mail messages.
  • The workstations can be continuously supervised via a supervisory station that monitors their current success and call statistics.

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