In the area of control plane, ITS Iskratel provides integral solutions with the products from the partners providing telecommunications equipment.

Control Plane solutions and products are designed for various types of telecommunications operators and service providers, because they are flexible, adaptable and provide a large number of services. Control Plane solutions are also prepared for the convergence of fixed and mobile networks, a key telecommunications trend in recent years. Converged core network architecture enables fast introduction of new revenue generating services over any access. Minimize investment for a broad portfolio of services through reuse of open, standards based IMS architecture.

The solutions are suitable for the residential as well as for the business environment. The expandability of the equipment and its operating quality provide a wide area of implementation: from rural areas with a low user density to metropolitan areas with a high user density.

Residential and business users require different communication services, like IP telephony, fast internet access, multimedia services (video and audio), telework, virtual private networks (VPNs), electronic business operation, etc. On the one hand, these requirements give the operators the opportunity to increase their revenues and ensure customer satisfaction, and on the other hand, it is a great challenge to find the right solution provider. ITS Iskratel solutions consider the requirements of the end users.

Advantages of ITS Iskratel Control Plane solutions:

  • Compatibility with networks from different generations,
  • Application on the current infrastructure, requiring minimum investments,
  • Gradual network upgrading,
  • Scalability,
  • Modularity,
  • Maintaining investment value.

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