Working Hours (WH) is a time registration program that enables overview and management of working hours.

WH collects information about entries/exits in the working facilities, from all remote locations, and stores them on a centralized Database Server. Data are gathered automatically, from the reading devices, but can also be managed manually, by assigning operations to employees. Collected data can be used for generation of standard and user defined reports in HTML format, or other custom formats (Excel, XML, ...).

Working Hours is an open solution, allowing connection from external programs. This communication will be enabled through ODBC and XML interfaces.








Web application with three-tier architecture:

  • Database Server
    Stores data collected from Proximity data readers. Supported databases: MySQL, Oracle.
  • Application / WEB Server
    Performs processing of client requests.
  • Client part
    Any computer with any standard Internet browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla, ...).
    Enables data manipulation.



  1. Platform independent, Java based application.
  2. Different languages supported
  3. Storage of data from all remote Proximity readers to one centralized database server via Ethernet (UTP) port.
  4. Scheduled data collection on a configurable time interval.
  5. MS SQL 2000 database compatibility.
  6. Multi-user application - simple user (overview), power user (confirmation/assigning), administrator (configuration).
  7. Confirmation / assigning of time records enabled for super users
  8. Enabled simple configuration / administration of all relevant data for administrators through GUI.
    1. work positions
    2. departments
    3. working shifts
    4. working time categories (full/shortened) per department/work position
    5. pause per working time category
    6. absence categories
  9. Integration with System for Personal Evidence and Payment management.
  10. Reports generation for users/groups in HTML format (total hours, total absence, overtime, ...)
    1. daily reports
    2. monthly reports
    3. per time interval
  11. Exporting generated reports to other format (Excel, XML, ...).

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