Operators face an increasingly competitive business environment as the dominant source of ARPU shifts from traditional circuit switched voice, data and SMS messaging into a diverse set of packet data services. To retain customers an operator needs an appealing service portfolio along with transparent subscription management, service quality, availability and pricing. At the same time an operator should be able to cut the OPEX going into customer service and systems management and minimize the CAPEX and cycles of systems integration. The business structure of successful operators should be more and more customer focused.

The shift from legacy systems into component-based OSS and BSS solutions enables faster introduction of new technical capabilities. However, a diverse set of systems brings sizable integration challenges. The number of systems in the OSS and BSS domains is increasing as operators try to avoid getting locked in by one supplier. Furthermore, operators should be able to use the same OSS/BSS infrastructure to manage customers in both the fixed and mobile domains. The number of managed network elements in an operator’s service core is climbing steadily.

Operations Support System (OSS) performs management, inventory, engineering, planning, and repair functions for tele-communications service providers and their networks. Business Support Systems (BSS) are the systems that Service Providers uses to run its business operations.

Market proven solutions from ITS Iskratel and its long-term partners,  provides independent and unbiased end-to-end OSS/BSS Solutions to service providers in addressing their various technical, operational and business needs. Through our team of experienced and high-performing telecommunications and business professionals, we design and implement the following OSS/BSS Solutions:


-          Convergent Charging and Billing systems

-          Inventory system

-          Unified AAA and Policy Management

-          Subscriber Data Management

-          Service Provisioning Platform

-          Service Delivery Framework

-          Service Fulfillment and Assurance

-          Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management

We provide software solutions that automate operational and business processes, to reduce complexity for our customers and improve their business performance.

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