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ITS Iskratel offers consulting services. In the search for solutions, we try to find optimal solutions in cooperation with the customer and in accordance with the customer’s business strategy. All information received during the consulting process is kept strictly confidential.

We offer:

  • the preparation of the outline, the project and the implementation documentation,
  • a need analysis and a feasibility study,
  • consulting in the selection of the optimal technological solution,
  • consulting in the introduction of new services to the market,
  • specialist training in the area of telecommunications, adjusted to the
  • customer's needs,
  • training in the latest technological and marketing trends

The VoiceXML prepaid system for SI3000 (VPSS) provides a complete prepaid solution for any voice operator using Iskratel NGN network elements:

  • SI3000 CS (Call Server) and SI3000 SMG (Signaling & Media Gateway), or
  • SI2000 iCS (Integrated Call Server)

The VPSS provides prepaid billing for two types of subscribers:

  • Prepaid Card – PPC (where the subscriber number is assigned to a card)
  • Prepaid Anonymous – PPA (where the subscriber number is assigned to a card)
  • Prepaid Phone – PPP (where the subscriber number is assigned to a phone)
  • Prepaid Direct Dial – PPD (where the subscriber number is assigned to a phone)
  • Fixed Direct Dial – FDD (where the subscriber number is assigned to a phone)


VoiceXML Prepaid System


The VoiceXML prepaid system for SI3000 (VPSS)

provides a complete prepaid solution for any voice

operator. The VPSS is best suited to a voice

service providers that do not have another

prepaid system or subscriber database (e.g.

RADIUS, LDAP server), because the VPSS does

not require any external component. Therefore,

the VPSS is the best solution for a fast and cost-

effective voice service operation start-up.









Figure 1: The VPSS position in the NGN network









Figure 2: VPSS internal architecture



  • Billing subsystem handles the billing functions:
    • Communication with one or more SMG / iCS via the HTTP Server module

    • Call processing (both for Normal call accounting and for Account refilling

  • Operation Administration and Maintenance (OAM) subsystem handles the OAM functions:
    • Communication with one or more administrators via the WEB Server module.
    • Administration of the administrable databases:
  • Database operations (applicability depends on database):
    • Add, Delete and Modify records
    • Import, Export, Backup & Restore database
  • Logging of administrator operations


  • Scalable system – from a single computer to a multi-computer distributed system.


  • Installed Iskratel NGN network elements, SMG or iCS with VoiceXML licenses and pre-recorded voice messages.
  • IP network with implemented QoS and security mechanisms.


Configuration types:


1. VPSS Single Machine:









Figure 3: Configuration - Single Machine

This configuration is able to provide service   under heavy load for 15001 simultaneous prepaid requests, thus:

  • Up to 3 SMG with max 500 VoiceXML channels on each device, or
  • Up to 5 iCS with max 300 VoiceXML channels on each device

2. VPSS Small:









Figure 4: Configuration – Small

If requested by the operator, it is possible to separate the Billing subsystem from the OAM subsystem and from the Database subsystem. The number of served NGN network elements remains the same as in the VPSS Single Machine configuration (see also the note).



3. VPSS Large:


Figure 5: Configuration – Large

For serving a higher number of NGN network elements (SMG or iCS), new servers with Billing subsystem must be added. Each server will serve adedicated number of NGN network elements.






Note: For latest list of implemented features, please check the release documentation. (datasheet)

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